10 Tips for Freezing

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 Freezing associated with Parkinson’s Disease is a common problem. Here are some useful tips

1. Walk to a rhythm eg “1 – 2”, “left – right” in time with each step

2. Have a purposeful walk. Saying  “long legs” or “heel heel” will encourage better stride

3. Walk at a pace that feels comfortable to you ( and not someone else)

4. Try swinging your arms. It may help your stride. If not let the arms relax

5. Stand tall. A stooped posture may contribute to freezing

6. To improve posture stand with your back to a wall. This will encourage an upright posture and provide a reference.

7. Focus on 1 task at a time. ie walking  and not what you will do once you reach your destination eg answer the door.

8. Turning – lift the feet, count with each step

9. Remove clutter or excess furniture as narrow spaces can increase freezing .

10. When sitting down /getting up from the table. Step sideway.

Hope you find this helpful and practical.

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