Continuity of Care

What does continuity of care mean in physiotherapy practice.?This is a question I’ve been thinking about this week following an inquiry we had on the telephone and the lady asked would she be seeing the same therapist for each treatment. And that struck a chord with me because it’s frequently a conversation we have with […]

Best Home Exercise Equipment

  So what’s the best home exercise equipment to buy. That’s a question we get asked frequently and clinic and I have a standard answer to it. Most people are expecting us to say cross trainer or a stepper or a treadmill or exercise bike something that is a low impact type of device primarily […]

Core Stability – What does it mean?

Today’ “core stability” video look’s in more detail at a familiar topic and why a generic menu of exercises can sometimes miss the mark when treating spinal pain. There are a number of other factors that determine if performing an exercise transfers into improvements in function. Take a look and feel free to ask questions. […]