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Falls in the elderly is a common problem that results in injury, loss of confidence, reduced mobility and greater dependence on others. Participation in daily activities and leisure pursuits maybe curtailed. Fortun FfFFortunately with the correct guidance you can continue living life to the full.


Causes of falls

There are many factors that contribute to falls which are generally grouped as following

  • Physical impairments
  • Environment factors
  • Medications
  • Cognitive decline

The hard facts:

Falls are the leading cause of injury to people over 65

One third of people over 65 in Ireland fall each year

Half of people over 80 in Ireland fall each year

One third of falls results in a hip or pelvic fracture

Having a fall is the biggest indicator of a further fall within 3 months

Falls greatly reduce confidence and increase dependence on others

Management of Falls

First and foremost a FALLS Screening Evaluation will ascertain the key factors contributing to your fall. This will involve taking a detailed history of where, how and why you fell and an examination of your physical ability.

Physiotherapy takes into consideration all of the above potential causes but specifically focuses on evaluation of physical factors such as :

  • Muscle strength
  • Speed of movement/ reaction times
  • Flexibility
  • Body coordination
  • Balance control
  • Postural alignment
  • Cardiovascular fitness

Crucially deficits in any of these areas can affect performance of daily activities, leisure interests and contribute to falls.

Falls Rehabilitation Programs

There is a wealth of evidence showing that Falls Rehabilitation Programs reduce the risk of falls and fear of falling.  In our clinic you have the option of a personalised 1-1 program or rehabilitation in a group setting. Rest assured either way the key falls risk factors specific to you are addressed. The focus is to improve confidence and restore your independence.

Fear of Falling (FOF)

Fear of falling is an important complaint that needs to be addressed. In our experience many elderly persons who present to the clinic, whilst they may not have fallen, express a fear of falling. If ignored fear of falling may cause a reduction in physical activity, overtime this leads to deconditioning and ultimately further fear of falling. This can compromise social interaction and often results in spiralling physical, functional and emotional decline.

  • Many elderly people who express a fear of falling have not fallen.
  • Fear of falling reduces confidence, mobility and can lead to social isolation
  • Fear of falling is more prevalent in woman than men.

 Physiotherapy Management – Fear of Falling

There is increasing awareness that fear of falling is a significant problem affecting a person’s physical and emotional wellbeing with growing evidence regards appropriate management. It is recognised that Physiotherapy play a key role in managing this debilitating complaint.  Our Chartered Physiotherapist experienced in Falls Rehabilitation will take you through a structured rehabilitation program from the initial Screening Assessment to implementing an active rehabilitation program with graded exercise progressions and regular reviews.

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