Introductory workshops in Mindfulness Practice


Format: Workshops held on first Wednesday of each month

Group size: minimum of 4 participants

Time: 6.30-8pm

Cost: €55

Facilitator: Martin Towey, Neurological Physiotherapist and Qualified Mindfulness Teacher

Venue: Dublin Physiotherapy Clinic

Course Information:

Mindfulness teaches us to awareness to our immediate experience with a gentle and kind attitude. We become familiar with our habitual thought patterns and tendencies (grasping after certain experiences while avoiding unpleasant experiences). Wenotice our reactions and allow things to be as they are rightnow without judgements. While mindfulness is nota cure-all, research does suggest its effectiveness in:

  • Reducing stress levels
  • Improving physical health (reduced blood pressure, improved immunity)
  • Getting a better night’s sleep
  • Helping anxiety and depression
  • Improving tolerance of chronic pain
  • Lifting mood and appreciating what is good in life
  • Managing communicationmore effectively
  • Enhancing feelings of self-worth and compassion for others

During this one hour workshop, you will be taught coremindfulness practices (Body Scan, Sitting Meditation and Mindful Movement), all of which, when practised on a regular basis can result in the benefits cited above e.g. reduces stress levels etc. CDs and booklet available to purchase which can help to support ongoing practice.

Following the workshop, if you are interested in developing an established practice, ask about other Mindfulness courses we provide at Dublin Physiotherapy Clinic.


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