Exercise Class for Parkinsons DiseasePhysio-Classes

At Dublin Physiotherapy Clinic, we use our extensive experience in Neurophysiotherapy to run exercise classes specifically tailored for patients with a diagnosis of Parkinsons Disease. Guided by the latest in evidence-based practice, including the European Guidelines for Parkinson’s, our classes are structured to maximise the functional benefits for every client. Making use of our fully equipped gym facilities, our programmes are designed to target the key symptoms of PD, notably:

  • freezing and shuffling in gait,
  • balance impairment,
  • difficulty with transfers,
  • decreasing range of movement
  • poor posture.

In order to achieve this, we include a wide variety of exercises to improve strength, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. A low client-to-staff ratio ensures every individual achieves a safe and effective workout in a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.

Exercise Class for Multiple Sclerosis

Classes1It is well evidenced that exercise is a vital element in the successful management of the symptoms of MS. Here at Dublin Physiotherapy Clinic, we are pleased to be able to offer our clients specialist group exercise classes under the supervision of our Chartered Neurophysiotherapists. Our programmes are designed with specific symptom-management in mind, including fatigue, decreased mobility, stiffness, pain and weakness. Utilising our fully equipped gym facilities to provide a varied and interesting range of exercises, we aim to improve flexibility, strength and cardiovascular fitness. Working in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, clients can feel confident to challenge themselves in a safe environment, with many reporting the added benefits to mood and morale gained from the social aspects of peer-support.

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