Physiotherapy Home Visits

Treatment at Home


Our home visit service is reserved for the elderly and those with a neurological disorders.

Patients have the choice of attending the Clinic in Ballycoolin, D11 for management of their complaint or have the Physiotherapist call to their home or place of residence.

The benefits of a home visit are obvious:

  • Familiarity of surroundings reduces anxiety,
  • The stress of travelling for the frail is removed
  • Everyday problems can be more effectively addressed ( eg difficulty climbing stairs, getting in /out of bed ).
Home Visits

Community Rehabilitation Team

We have a designated Community Rehabilitation Team who travel extensively throughout the greater Dublin region and surrounding county of Meath. We visit

  • Individual homes
  • Nursing homes
  • Convalescent homes.

Area of speciality 

Our areas of speciality include:

Elderly Care:

We treat a variety of conditions from fractures, falls, arthritic joint/muscular pain, post surgery, respiratory complaints, poor mobilisers and those with neurological disorders (see below). We combine ‘Hands On’ treatment, exercise rehabilitation and close liaison with caregivers and healthcare professionals to optimise recovery. 

Neurological Rehabilitation:

This Clinical caseload is extremely varied but the most common conditions we manage are Stroke, Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Head Injuries, Ataxia, Post brain and spinal surgery. This group invariably need assistance with their physical recovery and as such

Neurophysiotherapy plays an integral role in rehabilitation. Given the complexity of cases and associated problems management invariably involves close liaison with family, carers and other healthcare providers.

Management Strategy 

Our initial consultation includes a detailed history and physical examination, treatment and goal planning. Depending on the examination findings, intervention may include one or some of the following.

  • Hands on treatment
  • Provision of maintenance regimes
  • Planned reviews to monitor progress/ prevent deterioration
  • Provision of equipment
  • Liaison with other professionals, carers and family

Please call the clinic 01 8829174  if you are thinking of a home visit.

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