10 Questions to Ask Your Physiotherapist

We are back again with the latest vlog by Chartered Physiotherapist & practising clinician David Fitzgerald. As always, David uses this platform to give readers and viewers some tips and advice on a variety of different topics. Today, he will be talking about the 10 Questions you should ask your physiotherapist so, [...]

Why Add Home Exercises to a Care Plan?

In this week’s video, David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy talks about something patients should know about – the importance of adding home exercises to a care plan. While most practitioners often suggest implementing a few extra exercises in their patients routine, there are also a few cases when this step [...]

Collaboration in Healthcare: Why It’s Important To You

David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy is back with one of his weekly videos. If you’re familiar with David’s vlogs then you will know that he is invested in informing his readers and patients about some of the main issues in healthcare. In today’s video, you will learn more about [...]

Braces & Supports – Good or Bad Idea?

David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy has published an all-new video in which he talks about braces and supports. As always, a very controversial topic that will divide the opinion of patients and specialists. As usual, in fact, David likes to talk about issues that are commonly dealt with in many different ways, [...]

Useful Muscle Activation or Wasting Your Time?

Once again, David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy talks about an interesting topic both for patients and practitioners; muscle activation. Very often, David says, he has worked with patients who decided to start a strengthening-related program for a variety of different reasons. Among the most common causes behind [...]

Nerve Pain

Once again, David Fitzgerald has shared his weekly video about a very common topic for most practitioners; nerve pain. Usually, thinking about nerve pain is directly related to sciatica or trap nerves, however, as David says at the beginning of his video, he has recently worked with a patient suffering from severe [...]


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