Exercising Your Parkinsons

Exercising your Parkinsons You may have heard Joe Duffy discuss the topic of Parkinsons Disease with a diverse panel of playwrights, actors and musicans. The importance of exercise was highlighted in managing their condition. Parkinsons disease is a complex neurological disease that affects a person’s movements and [...]

Ankle Sprains

Ankle Sprain’s is the topic of today’s videoblog. They can range from simple low grade injuries with a few days of impairments to chronic, persistent, debilitating conditions. Differential diagnosis and specific management of injured structures are the keys to successful outcomes. Watch this 11 min [...]

Pain – a rethink of our understanding

Just for the record…. Pain does not provide a reliable measure of tissue damage. Pain is influenced by many factors including  body tissue, psychological and social elements. The relationship between pain and tissue sorness is less predictable as pain persists. Pain can be thought of as a conscious awarness of [...]

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