Hamstring Injuries – Part 3

Hamstring Injuries - What You Need to Know

In this post, I look at introducing running and a phased return to increase running intensity, which is usually the mechanism that strains the hamstring. In our previous posts, we talked about how hamstrings occur, their severity, and how the location of the injury influences rehabilitation. We also looked at the initial first aid phases […]

Hamstring Injuries – Part 2

Hamstring Injuries - What You Need to Know

In today’s post, we look at whether you should be stretching or strengthening the hamstring.   The answer to this question depends on whether the hamstring injury is sensitive to a stretch or applying a load. When the muscle fibres get damaged they start to repair and join together, just like a scab in the […]

Hamstring Injuries – What You Need to Know

Hamstring Injuries - What You Need to Know

There is a lot of talk in the media today with high profile sports players out with hammock hamstring injuries and hamstring repairs that are done surgically. What are the types of hamstring injuries that can occur and how can they be managed? First, hamstrings are a group of three muscles at the back of […]

Children In Sport – Participation and Retention

Children In Sport - Participation and Retention

How do we keep them participating and being retained in maintaining physical activity? I recently became aware of some important work that an Irish man in Sweden is doing. The International Convention of Children’s Rights is looking at restructuring the format of youth sports to be child-cantered rather than adult cantered. This means that the […]

Are You Hitting The Right Target?

After a short break for the Summer Holidays, David Fitzgerald is finally back with a new video and this time he’s talking about a topic that can be interesting for many patients; Are You Hitting The Right Target? As the motto of Dublin Physiotherapy is “helping you move better“, David has prepared a new video […]

Braces & Supports – Good or Bad Idea?

David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy has published an all-new video in which he talks about braces and supports. As always, a very controversial topic that will divide the opinion of patients and specialists. As usual, in fact, David likes to talk about issues that are commonly dealt with in many different ways, creating interest topics […]

Annular Tears: Another Clinicians Nightmare

This week, David Fitzgerald has decided to talk about another issue considered to be one of the many clinicians’ nightmares: Annular tears. As always, David has dissected the topic and given an outline of the condition, which you can read in this article. If you would like to know more about this problem, however, it […]

Achille’s Tendonitis: A Clinician’s Nightmare

Once again, David Fitzgerald is back with one of his videos for the series “clinicians’ nightmares” to talk about Achille’s Tendonitis. As always, you can find an account of what David had to say in this article and, if you would like to hear more of his expert opinion, make sure you check out the […]

What You Should Know About Tendonitis

In today’s vlog, David Fitzgerald talks about a very common problem that, although many people believe that this is a simple issue that can be easily resolved. Tendonitis can become a real clinical nightmare, often becoming a chronic and persistent issue that is resistant to all types of treatment. It’s important, for this reason, to identify […]

When Stretching doesn’t work?

Do you ever feel that you don’t get enough benefit from the time you spend stretching? This is a scenario we see frequently in clinic where people tell us that they feel stiff with certain movements whether that’s activities of daily living bending to put shoes and socks up putting their arms in a jacket […]