Pros And Cons of Home Exercise

In today’s weekly vlog David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy explores the world of home exercises and its pros and cons. Most people who are following a physiotherapy treatment with a specialist will also be prescribed some form of home exercise to help them stay on track and speed up the healing process. Very often, however, […]

Are You Hitting The Right Target?

After a short break for the Summer Holidays, David Fitzgerald is finally back with a new video and this time he’s talking about a topic that can be interesting for many patients; Are You Hitting The Right Target? As the motto of Dublin Physiotherapy is “helping you move better“, David has prepared a new video […]

Braces & Supports – Good or Bad Idea?

David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy has published an all-new video in which he talks about braces and supports. As always, a very controversial topic that will divide the opinion of patients and specialists. As usual, in fact, David likes to talk about issues that are commonly dealt with in many different ways, creating interest topics […]

Core Strength – What Does It Mean

In yet another interesting video, David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physio talks about exercise and core strength. If you watched last week’s video about Muscle Activation, then you will know that David is invested in spreading information surrounding the best types of exercise for different people. Watch the video below to hear more of what he […]

Useful Muscle Activation or Wasting Your Time?

Once again, David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy talks about an interesting topic both for patients and practitioners; muscle activation. Very often, David says, he has worked with patients who decided to start a strengthening-related program for a variety of different reasons. Among the most common causes behind this lifestyle change, we usually find a medical […]

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

In today’s new video, David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy talks about an issue well known by most practitioners: Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). This term is widely used to describe injuries, however, as David says at the beginning of his vlog, he has recently had an interesting case of a patient who had the symptoms of […]

Top 3 Wellness Tips

In today’s video, David Fitzgerald talks about the three main components of musculoskeletal health. If you’re interested in knowing more about the ways of improving your physical health, then this article is the right place for you. Flexibility, strength, and coordination are the three components David will analyze in his video, suggesting specific exercises aimed […]

Are You Doing The Correct Exercises?

In today’s video, David Fitzgerald, talks once again about something every physician gets asked pretty often: “what type of exercise is good for me”? David, in fact, says that the question he gets asked the most by his patients is whether they’re doing the right exercises and, if it’s not the case, how they can […]

Tennis Elbow – Another clinicians nightmare

In all his videos, chartered physician David Fitzgerald has looked at some of the biggest and best known “clinicians’ nightmares”. The most recent topic was whiplash and today he is talking about tennis elbow. As always, you can find a summary of his video in this article, however, if you would like to know more on […]

What’s the Best Type of Exercise?

In this week’s vlog, David Fitzgerald talks about the different types of exercise and how each and every one of these can benefit us in different ways. Answering the question “what’s the best type of exercise”, in fact, is practically impossible as there isn’t one universal rule good for everyone. What you can do, however, […]