Parkinsons Disease

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Physiotherapy for Parkinson's Patients

Parkinsons Disease

Parkinson’s Disease is a neurological movement disorder with both motor & non motor symptoms. Physiotherapy can help manage this neurodegenerative disorder, by focusing on the motor symptoms that affect everyday function. 

Common symptoms include stiffness in the limbs & trunk muscles, slowness of movement, and postural change. Normal movement like walking, getting up from a chair, turning in bed, fastening buttons, or writing, are no longer automatic. These are core areas that can be helped with physiotherapy, to initiate & preserve movement.

Secondary symptoms like cramping, muscle stiffness, joint, neck & back pain, respond positively to physiotherapy.



Seeing a Neurophysiotherapist on initial diagnosis is crucial as it provides a basis for tailored treatments specific to your needs. Early intervention also gives a person the chance to discuss any concerns they may have and movement related issues can be addressed. Intervention will often incorporate hands on treatment with exercise prescription and strategies to preserve functional movement.

The emphasis is on commencing exercise on initial diagnosis for it to become a lifelong habit. In my clinical experience those who exercise do better in relation to cardiovascular fitness, function and mood. The more active you are the better you can deal with your condition.

We offer both private treatment and group exercise classes.

Our classes are very active & address key impairments affected. They are structured, closely supervised with 2 physio’s, and exercises are modified regularly. Our participants say they provide great peer support too.

Patient in Parkinson's Disease Physiotherapy Class

25+ Years Experience

At Dublin Physiotherapy Clinic we have spent the last 25 years treating and helping people with Parkinson’s Disease. You will see a neurophysiotherapist who has knowledge of your condition, understands the difficulties you experience and can provide practical solutions.

We will help to empower you to manage your condition. We are here to support you, to provide intervention, and guidance as and when needed.

Our goal is to help you move better and lead a full and active life to the best of your ability.

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