Peripheral Neuropathy | Peripheral Neuropathies in Ireland

The term Peripheral Neuropathies refers to a group of neurological disorders which affects the nerves lying outside the brain and spinal cord.  Most commonly peripheral neuropathies result in symptoms of muscle weakness and sensory impairment. The pattern of symptoms will depend on the cause of the neuropathy but typically symptoms will be symmetrical affecting either […]

Lower Back Pain-Treatment of Lower Back Pain

Treatment of lower back pain is varied with outcomes very mixed. The statistics on lower back pain are shocking.   80% of the population will suffer one episode of lower back pain at some point in their life. 30% of people will end up with recurrent problems. Pain in the Lower Back In our opinion […]

Osteoporosis Treatment-Osteoporosis in Ireland

Osteoporosis treatment in Ireland is a prevelant health issue and at we manage many patients with this condition. As it is a “silent ” condition screening, early detection and prevention are the key principals of management. Early detection of osteoporosis is essential to minimize pain and suffering. Osteoporosis prevelance in Ireland 1 in 5 men and 1 in 3 women (1 […]

School Bag Safety | School Bags Health Warning for Irish Children

Now is a good time to think about schoolbag safety and your child’s long term musculoskeletal welfare. Because muscles are still developing as a child grows it is important to ensure efficient and symmetrical development in order to prevent muscle imbalances which can lead to postural deformities. Importantly the bony skeleton is still very adaptable […]