Say It As It Is: Delivering unpopular messages to patients

Once again, David Fitzgerald uses his platform to talk about a controversial topic that involves all practitioners and patients. We are talking about the right way of delivering a message to patients in the most various situations. In this article, you can find a summary of the main points treated, however, do check out the […]

Are You Doing The Correct Exercises?

In today’s video, David Fitzgerald, talks once again about something every physician gets asked pretty often: “what type of exercise is good for me”? David, in fact, says that the question he gets asked the most by his patients is whether they’re doing the right exercises and, if it’s not the case, how they can […]

Annular Tears: Another Clinicians Nightmare

This week, David Fitzgerald has decided to talk about another issue considered to be one of the many clinicians’ nightmares: Annular tears. As always, David has dissected the topic and given an outline of the condition, which you can read in this article. If you would like to know more about this problem, however, it […]

Achille’s Tendonitis: A Clinician’s Nightmare

Once again, David Fitzgerald is back with one of his videos for the series “clinicians’ nightmares” to talk about Achille’s Tendonitis. As always, you can find an account of what David had to say in this article and, if you would like to hear more of his expert opinion, make sure you check out the […]