Collaboration in Healthcare: Why It’s Important To You

David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy is back with one of his weekly videos. If you’re familiar with David’s vlogs then you will know that he is invested in informing his readers and patients about some of the main issues in healthcare. In today’s video, you will learn more about ‘Collaboration in healthcare’ and why this […]

When Health & Lifestyle Collide

In today’s video, David Fitzgerald, practitioner and co-founder or Dublin Physiotherapy, talks about a very common issue many physicians have to deal with. We’re talking about the collision between health and lifestyle. Nowadays it is, in fact, harder than ever to find the time to take care of ourselves. People’s chaotic routine has led to […]

How the Patient – Therapist Relationship Helps Recovery

We talk about another controversial topic in today’s vlog with David Fitzgerald as the practitioner discusses the “patient -therapist relationship” and how this can successfully help with recovery. Like every week, we will go over the topic of the day in this article, however, if you would like to know more about what David had […]

Patient Abandonment

After discussing a very controversial topic last week, David Fitzgerald is back with a topic that will divide opinions. If you want to read more about tough topics discussed by David in his previous videos, then check out his piece about “Complacency Alert” and “Ethics in Clinical Practice“. Today’s hot topic is patient abandonment, an […]

Clinical Need Or Commercial Exploitation?

In today’s video, David Fitzgerald tackles a controversial topic: clinical need or commercial exploitation? As explained in the video, David started asking himself this question when thinking about the increasingly high number of health centres where patients are subjected to batteries of tests not always likely to improve their diagnosis, therefore unnecessary in order to […]