Braces & Supports – Good or Bad Idea?

David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy has published an all-new video in which he talks about braces and supports. As always, a very controversial topic that will divide the opinion of patients and specialists. As usual, in fact, David likes to talk about issues that are commonly dealt with in many different ways, creating interest topics […]

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

In today’s new video, David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy talks about an issue well known by most practitioners: Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). This term is widely used to describe injuries, however, as David says at the beginning of his vlog, he has recently had an interesting case of a patient who had the symptoms of […]

Tennis Elbow – Another clinicians nightmare

In all his videos, chartered physician David Fitzgerald has looked at some of the biggest and best known “clinicians’ nightmares”. The most recent topic was whiplash and today he is talking about tennis elbow. As always, you can find a summary of his video in this article, however, if you would like to know more on […]

What You Should Know About Tendonitis

In today’s vlog, David Fitzgerald talks about a very common problem that, although many people believe that this is a simple issue that can be easily resolved. Tendonitis can become a real clinical nightmare, often becoming a chronic and persistent issue that is resistant to all types of treatment. It’s important, for this reason, to identify […]

Tennis Elbow | Tennis Elbow Treatment and Cures

Tennis elbow is a painful problem for those of us who enjoy our tennis and the search for tennis elbow treatment and cures is widespread. Thankfully tennis elbow treatment can be very successful if you take the time to go to a chartered physiotherapist who understands the underlying causes of tennis elbow and how to […]