Children In Sport – Participation and Retention

Children In Sport - Participation and Retention

How do we keep them participating and being retained in maintaining physical activity? I recently became aware of some important work that an Irish man in Sweden is doing. The International Convention of Children’s Rights is looking at restructuring the format of youth sports to be child-cantered rather than adult cantered. This means that the […]

Pros And Cons of Home Exercise

In today’s weekly vlog David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy explores the world of home exercises and its pros and cons. Most people who are following a physiotherapy treatment with a specialist will also be prescribed some form of home exercise to help them stay on track and speed up the healing process. Very often, however, […]

10 Questions to Ask Your Physiotherapist

We are back again with the latest vlog by Chartered Physiotherapist & practising clinician David Fitzgerald. As always, David uses this platform to give readers and viewers some tips and advice on a variety of different topics. Today, he will be talking about the 10 Questions you should ask your physiotherapist so, if you’re interested in […]

When Health & Lifestyle Collide

In today’s video, David Fitzgerald, practitioner and co-founder or Dublin Physiotherapy, talks about a very common issue many physicians have to deal with. We’re talking about the collision between health and lifestyle. Nowadays it is, in fact, harder than ever to find the time to take care of ourselves. People’s chaotic routine has led to […]

How the Patient – Therapist Relationship Helps Recovery

We talk about another controversial topic in today’s vlog with David Fitzgerald as the practitioner discusses the “patient -therapist relationship” and how this can successfully help with recovery. Like every week, we will go over the topic of the day in this article, however, if you would like to know more about what David had […]

Clinical Need Or Commercial Exploitation?

In today’s video, David Fitzgerald tackles a controversial topic: clinical need or commercial exploitation? As explained in the video, David started asking himself this question when thinking about the increasingly high number of health centres where patients are subjected to batteries of tests not always likely to improve their diagnosis, therefore unnecessary in order to […]

Best Home Exercise Equipment

  So what’s the best home exercise equipment to buy. That’s a question we get asked frequently and clinic and I have a standard answer to it. Most people are expecting us to say cross trainer or a stepper or a treadmill or exercise bike something that is a low impact type of device primarily […]

Struggling to lose Weight?

The predictable slump in gym attendance from mid-February is upon us again just like the changing seasons. Did you know that less than 20% of Gym members use the facility routinely over the course of the year? Why is this? There are probably a number of reasons; Time Competing demands Work patterns Sickness Uncomfortable gym […]

Wellness – what is it?

Wellness.. in the context of health care means maintaining or regaining optimal function of our body and mind and striving to reduce the risk of disease. The concept of wellness can be applied across many different aspects of the human body and perhaps dentistry is the most prevalent example. These days tooth extraction is seen […]