Braces & Supports – Good or Bad Idea?

David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy has published an all-new video in which he talks about braces and supports. As always, a very controversial topic that will divide the opinion of patients and specialists. As usual, in fact, David likes to talk about issues that are commonly dealt with in many different ways, creating interest topics […]

Whiplash – The Clinician’s Nightmares

In today’s video, chartered physician David Fitzgerald shares with us some of the clinical aspects involved with whiplash. As you can predict from its name, whiplash is a very general description of an injury that usually occurs in the form of a “whipping mechanism” of the head. There are, however, many variables involved in this, […]

Whiplash-Whiplash Symptoms and Treatment

Whiplash is a controversial condition not because there is any dispute about its existence but because of the varying ways in which this is handled by the medical and legal system. Suffice is to say that whiplash can be a significant problem and cause ongoing disability and suffering to those affected. Like all conditions there […]