Spinal Stenosis – Under the Radar?

In yet a new video, David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy talks about a condition that isn’t discussed very often; Spinal Stenosis. For those who are not familiar with it already, spinal stenosis is a condition that very often slips under the radar, despite it being the end stage of a condition of gradual degenerative change. […]

Footwear Options for Foot Pain

In yet another one of his weekly videos, David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy gives his viewers some information on how to manage foot pain after many treatment options have failed. People who suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis, people with arthritic changes in the joints in the bridge of the foot and mid-foot joints and people with […]

Nerve Pain

Once again, David Fitzgerald has shared his weekly video about a very common topic for most practitioners; nerve pain. Usually, thinking about nerve pain is directly related to sciatica or trap nerves, however, as David says at the beginning of his video, he has recently worked with a patient suffering from severe nerve pain which had slipped under […]

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

In today’s new video, David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy talks about an issue well known by most practitioners: Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). This term is widely used to describe injuries, however, as David says at the beginning of his vlog, he has recently had an interesting case of a patient who had the symptoms of […]

Annular Tears: Another Clinicians Nightmare

This week, David Fitzgerald has decided to talk about another issue considered to be one of the many clinicians’ nightmares: Annular tears. As always, David has dissected the topic and given an outline of the condition, which you can read in this article. If you would like to know more about this problem, however, it […]

When Stretching doesn’t work?

Do you ever feel that you don’t get enough benefit from the time you spend stretching? This is a scenario we see frequently in clinic where people tell us that they feel stiff with certain movements whether that’s activities of daily living bending to put shoes and socks up putting their arms in a jacket […]

Investigations for Low Back Pain – When to Use Them?

When clinicians are examining low back pain there are a whole spectrum of conditions which could cause similar types of symptoms.  This is not unique to low back pain and it is part of the so-called “differential diagnosis” which all clinicians must utilise when investigating symptoms. The challenge is to identify back pain causes as […]