Core Strength – What Does It Mean

In yet another interesting video, David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physio talks about exercise and core strength. If you watched last week’s video about Muscle Activation, then you will know that David is invested in spreading information surrounding the best types of exercise for different people. Watch the video below to hear more of what he […]

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

In today’s new video, David Fitzgerald from Dublin Physiotherapy talks about an issue well known by most practitioners: Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). This term is widely used to describe injuries, however, as David says at the beginning of his vlog, he has recently had an interesting case of a patient who had the symptoms of […]

When Stretching doesn’t work?

Do you ever feel that you don’t get enough benefit from the time you spend stretching? This is a scenario we see frequently in clinic where people tell us that they feel stiff with certain movements whether that’s activities of daily living bending to put shoes and socks up putting their arms in a jacket […]

Core Stability – What does it mean?

Today’ “core stability” video look’s in more detail at a familiar topic and why a generic menu of exercises can sometimes miss the mark when treating spinal pain. There are a number of other factors that determine if performing an exercise transfers into improvements in function. Take a look and feel free to ask questions. […]

Postural Correction – What you need to Know

Changing posture is a frequent challenge for Physiotherapists managing musculoskeletal pain.  The assumption here of course is that faulty posture is the contributing factor to patients’ symptoms.  Sometimes this is relatively easy to establish as patients recount specific postures as provocative e.g. standing, bending, sitting or walking.  This gives the clinician strong clues to pursue […]